Friday, September 3, 2010

Stayed up a tad to late last night and needed the extra 45 mins this morning, so I decided to drive in. Even with that I just couldn't get myself together to figure out what to bring for lunch so I plan to just go to the salad bar at the cafeteria. Like always stopped at the Gas station for a cup O' Joe and was looking around at the breakfast bars offered. Stumbled upon a delight! And a healthy one at that!

Taste of Nature: Niagara Apple Country. Ingredients include: Almonds, oats*, agave nectar*, raisins*, apples*, brown rice syrup*, whole grain brown rice crisps*, cinnamon*.
*Certified organic. 150 Calories per bar. All the different flavours have different calorie contents, this one was the lowest.

I personally don't know a whole lot about reading ingredients but these seems pretty good to me, atleast I can pernounce them all, and HOLY MOLY, this particular one was DELICIOUS! It was very chewy and had just the right amount of cinnimon. YUM!

Long weekend I'm not sure if I'm going to work Monday or not, we will see. Don't really have much for plans for the weekend though. Definetly going to take the dogs to the puppy park if the weather is nice, as well as a few big walks. Need to do a bit of grocery shopping as well, hopefully can make a few recipe dinners this week, I'd really like to try to make a 'healthy' mac n cheese if that's even possible haha! Most of the recipes I've found so far still aren't to healthy. Cleaning is also in order, just a general house cleaning, probably do that saturday while R naps off nights. Well off to find a healthy mac n cheese recipe! Wish me Luck!

LUNCH! -- > So I went up to the Cafeteria to raid the salad bar ... ANNNND half of it was missing. So I opted for a Sammich. Was pretty tasty, I got Turkey but honestly, it was so pointless, there was so many great veggies on the sandwich that I couldn't even taste it, next time I'll just get veggies and no meat. Opted out of cheese to cause my tummy wasn't in the best mood. Paired with a Diet Coke (Extra Ice!) and my China Study book that I'm still struggling through.

Mutli Grain Bread w/ Mustard, Turkey, Tomatoes, Sprouts, Pickles, Green Peppers, Cucumbers and Lettuce. They usually give you potatoe chips on the side but that would kind of defeat the purpose of opting for a healtier sandwich so I asked for a few extra pickles instead.

Now back to my China Study Comment; it's not that the book is BAD, it's just VERY fact based and informative, well duh, not sure what I was expecting there?! It just seems like they make a lot of assumptions without the actual science behind some statements (there is a lot of most likely, and one can assumes' in the book) But! I'm finding as I'm reading that a question you'll have about information from the first chapter might be answered in Chapter 3 and question from Chapter 2 is answered in chapter 7 and so on, maybe the grouping of info could of been a bit better? I think with anything to do with Healthy Living and healthy choices though, whether it be a book, documentary, blog etc, you kind of have to take everything with a grain of salt, it's absolutely ok to disagree and question what other people are saying as long as your willing to research for yourself, its one thing to disagree but to just disagree without any real facts or knowledge (or personal belief) behind what your saying, you just sound close-minded. If you don't think the facts sound right, or if you're unsure a bit more research isn't going to do anything but make you a bit smarter.. or at the very least, have a few more questions (lol.)

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  1. Cute blog! Those bars are great aren't they? I reviewed that one before.

    And, I adore pickles :)